Saltbush’s ICT security training course instructors are able to draw upon their considerable hands-on industry experience to enhance the value of their training presentations for your organisation. Saltbush offers a range of courses publicly and tailored to your organisations’ needs. Below is a brief description of our ICT Security course offerings.

ICT Security Courses

Web Application Secure Coding

Topics: Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 Web Application Security Risks; Overview of the OWASP Testing and Developer Guides v3.0 methodology; Vulnerability exploitation (hacking) exercises using the OWASP WebGoat tool; and Vulnerability patching exercises using the OWASP WebGoat tool.

ISM Fundamentals

Topics: Security Governance; Security Policy;  Security Risk Management;  Incident Response Plan; System Security Plans; Standard Operating Procedures; Accreditation and Certification; Change Management; Security Awareness Training; and ICT Security Standards.

Cyber Security Incident Management

Topics: What constitutes an Information Security Incident; Distinguishing the different Incident classes and discussing strategies to deal with them; How to harness the human based detection systems within your organisation; What technologies are available to detect security incidents and how to best deploy them in your network; How to develop response plans to cater for the various incident types; Tips on how to preserve forensic evidence and when and who to call for help; Understanding ASD’s reporting requirements and how to work with the CSOC.

Protective Security Fundamentals

Topics: Overview of the PSM and ISM landscape; Overview of Security Classifications and the implications for marking, handling and storage; Foundations of ISM Security Policy; and Fundamentals of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Vulnerability Testing

Topics: Understanding the OWASP Test Guide; Focused, Vulnerability exploitation exercises using multiple tools; Techniques to mitigate discovered vulnerabilities; Reporting vulnerabilities.

Upcoming ICT Security Courses

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