The Security Architecture experts

Concerned about the state of your ICT security architecture? Let the experts tackle your architectural challenges while minimising the problems. With a pool of knowledgeable consultants and our extensive experience in information security, it is little wonder that so many clients turn to DXC Saltbush to ensure their security architecture is up to scratch. Saltbush has a novel approach to architecture embodied in our Saltbush Peer Architects Program (SPAP). This program ensures we deliver architecture services to our clients that are timely, well informed, context aware and cost effective. What can Saltbush do for your security architecture?

Minimise costs

Organisations often find themselves giving architects tenure when there are no actionable tasks. Even with attractive conditions, architects are likely to eventually move on looking for exposure to fresh challenges and ideas. SPAP maintains the relationship and corporate knowledge without the need for our clients to bear the entire cost of maintaining the architects.

Low risk innovation

With over sixty staff, Saltbush has a breadth of experience across the technology domains in which Federal Government is likely to require advice. SPAP exposes our architects to innovative approaches within our customer base and allows us to share experiences and lessons. The benefits of this are substantial: new ideas and approaches gives our clients the opportunity to innovate and the ability to access implementation experience, helping to avoid costly mistakes.

We maintain corporate knowledge

We work in small teams to gather and maintain corporate knowledge for particular customers through regular contact supplemented by ad hoc consulting and task based assignments. In this way, our architects build an accurate, comprehensive, long term picture of your organisation that will provide well informed and context sensitive advice.