Improve your ICT security with our consultants

Need ICT and security consulting? At UXC Saltbush our ICT and Security Consulting practice underpins all the services we provide to our clients.

Central to the success of Saltbush has been and still is our consulting staff, who are the heart of the business. As a leading ICT services company, Saltbush aims to recruit only the best consultants to provide the highest standard consulting services to our clients, drawing on their many years of experience as senior consulting practitioners.

Our internal induction process and our internal Consulting Course are both the subject of frequent refinement, providing our staff with on-going, competency-based training that reinforces best-practice consulting. You can be sure that our staff have the specialist expertise to manage your consulting needs and help achieve your business goals.

We subject our consulting methodologies, practices, judgements, advice and documentation to rigorous and widespread peer review to ensure that how we operate and what we produce reflects positively upon both our clients and ourselves. Our commitment to obtain and retain our ISO 9001 certification status is but one example of our undertaking to provide high quality service.

Whether it’s architecturedevelopmenttesting or business continuity services, DXC Saltbush has the experience and the know-how to meet the ever-changing security requirements faced by Government.

Information security consulting and training are key elements of the business services we provide to Government clients. We’ve helped scores of Government organisations attain and maintain compliance against the requirements of the Information Security Manual (ISM) and the Protected Security Policy Framework (PSPF). Saltbush Training — including our online ICT security training services – has also helped our Government clients meet their compliance responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

With extensive internal resource libraries, communications systems and business management systems, you can be sure our consultants come armed with the collective wisdom of all of the Saltbush resources.