Application Development

If you’re in the business of application development, and robust code is what you need, then look no further than DXC Saltbush.

Our consultants have extensive experience that spans Enterprise Software Development right through to mobile apps – all informed by our security practice. Our developers work with a broad range of technologies but Java EE, JBoss and mobile development are areas of particular expertise.

An advocate for Agile techniques, such as automated unit testing, automated daily software builds and improvements to source code management, we have helped our larger government clients to produce more robust code and reduce development time. We also provide project management, technical writing and testing services to support our development efforts.

What makes Saltbush different from other developers is the emphasis we place on testing. Saltbush strives to deliver and execute more than rigorous and effective test plans; we look to testing to realise improvements in our delivery capability by providing broadly focussed, candid feedback to our design and development personnel. This approach has made significant improvements for our clients. In one case, with over one million downloads of a multi-platform product, not one support issue arose from the code we authored.

Another point of differentiation for Saltbush is that we also offer our clients hardware development. We have built hardware based solutions to address a variety of client needs including: ruggedised and miniature processing platforms; low-power RF capabilities; and high speed parallel computing capabilities using field programmable gate arrays.