Quality ISO 9001 Certified System

UXC Saltbush is well known in Government circles for the breadth and depth of its ICT security services encompassing all aspects of ICT security. Our consulting services arm has on hand a large number of experienced and knowledgeable staff to help you with your compliance activities in ways that improve your business operations. Our commitment to obtain and retain our ISO 9001 certification status is but one example of our undertaking to provide high quality service.

Working closely with our consulting services, our security architecture group has developed an approach we think is novel; a much more goal oriented and cost effective solution than that provided by the standard approaches in this field.

In the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery fields, Saltbush has been very successful in helping its clients build robustness into their systems and in developing effective plans for dealing with the unexpected.

Our penetration and general testing team has made significant improvements in the quality of the application code and services of many of our clients. We take pride in seeing our clients make and sustain outstanding improvements in the quality and security of their Internet facing systems. Being able to do this as a CREST accredited organisation and to help clients in meeting their PCI/DSS requirements are also capabilities we are pleased to provide our clients.

And let’s not forget training. Saltbush Training regularly conducts ICT security training, including RTO accredited courses, and also helps clients meet their internal security training needs – including through the provision of online training courses.

Our security services are better for having personnel experienced in other disciplines. Our other disciplines are better for being backed by a solid security posture that supports our every engagement. This multi-disciplinary capability is distinctive in the security field and is the basis for our being successful in securing work in a range of engagements. And this is no more true than with our ICT Managed Services, which we find particularly popular with our SME and not-for-profit clients, who welcome the cost effective, flexible services and dealing with an organisation for whom security is … a byword.