Our work with Not For Profits

A small but important clientele for Saltbush, our approach to Not For Profit (NFP) engagements draws heavily upon our experience with Small, Medium Enterprises (SME) and small Government agencies.

Saltbush understands that NFP clients are typically time-poor, constrained for resources and challenged by ICT demands. Our job is to enable NFPs to focus their energy on reaching goals in their particular areas, and to take the complexity out of issues such as privacy and security.

NFP clients will value UXC Saltbush’s approach to prompt invoicing and payment; our careful attention to scope and costs; our meticulous care with highly valuable data and systems; and having flexibility as a byword in all matters. We also find that being aware of the specific context and interests of our NFP clients helps us offer relevant and valued services.

As with our SMEs, ICT managed services is an important business offering for our NFP clients. We aim to establish with our NFP clients a well-informed appreciation of their ICT service requirements, and work to ensure that our services meet these needs efficiently and effectively.

With a diverse range of ICT disciplines embedded within Saltbush, our NFP clients can call upon expertise few other ICT managed services in this market segment can match.

Let us help you get on with the task at hand. Contact Saltbush to discuss the ICT challenges faced by your Not For Profit business.

Some of our Not-for-Profit clients include:

  • Campbell Page
  • Relationships Australia