DXC Saltbush: Improving your sense of security

Saltbush is pleased to provide ICT security consultancy services to a wide range of clients and industries.

If you’re in a Federal Government agency, large or small, and you have an interest in ICT/cyber security, there’s a very good chance you’ll know of Saltbush.

And partly because we know the field so well, large business and small / medium business organisations alike benefit from our expertise to comply with government security requirements. We make it easier for companies to do secure business with Government.

We’re also experienced in meeting the needs of the private sector, servicing clients in: finance and banking; mining; employment providers; and service providers across a broad range of business sectors. These clients rely on Saltbush as a trusted provider of security services that make a positive difference to their operations. And, as you’ll see from our services catalogue, we do more than ICT security.

Our security expertise has proven useful in areas well removed from security and from the Government sector. Utilities companies, for example, turn to Saltbush not just to help them with their 27001 compliance but to achieve improvements in the robustness of their SCADA and other industrial control systems.