Our People

DXC Saltbush offers employment conditions that attract the highest calibre people and motivate them to deliver an extremely high quality of service to our customers.

Our staff retention rate is evidence of our ability to provide a working environment our people appreciate. We employ the best people and offer them employment conditions in excess of normal industry standards.

This can be demonstrated by our ability to grow to a 60+ company without the need to publicly advertise for personnel at any time.

The Management Team


David Jarvis

National Practice Lead

Dave is a National Practice Lead for UXC Saltbush and holds a Bachelor of Business, a Diploma in Applied Science and is a Certified Practicing Accountant.

One of the few ICT security specialists in Australia accredited to undertake ISO/IEC 27001 certification audits, Dave also holds the distinction of being the first to accredit an Australian organisation to that standard. Dave was also responsible for the establishment of the Standards Australia certification arm for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

Dave does much of the resource management for the company, writes many of our bids and proposals, keeps an eagle eye on the finances and manages many of our partner relationships. He’s a busy man, with a golf handicap to match.

Dave holds the honour of selecting the Saltbush name for the company, dreams about winning tenders and will happily regale you with stories about his time in the navy. If you think the navy stories might be a hoot - be careful what you wish for.


    Bernie Ryan

    National Practice Lead

    Bernie is a National Practice Lead for UXC Saltbush and has been involved in the provision of ICT services since the late 1970s. In addition to various other qualifications, Bernie holds a Bachelor of Business Administration.

    Prior to establishing and running his own consulting practice in 1991, Bernie had experience in various technical and management capacities with several international ICT firms as well as fourteen years in ICT and personnel services in the Australian Public Service.  Bernie has specific engagements reflecting long involvement with many of our clients and has a pivotal role with those UXC Saltbush clients operating in highly classified environments.

    A sometimes basketball tragic, Bernie performs many of our documentation reviews and is rumoured to have designs on the position of grammar monster (if he were only able to master the use of the subjunctive).


      Clem Colman

      Team Leader, Solutions

      Clem is a Team Leader for our Solutions business unit. As an IT graduate from the Australian National University in 1995, Clem's initial experience was with BHP Information Technology, giving him exposure to the operations of a diverse mix of government and private businesses.

      In 1998 Clem founded an ICT service provider, known as Green Light IT, where he served as Managing Director. In 2010 Green Light IT merged with Saltbush to become our Solutions business unit.

      Clem is widely recognised for his ability to analyse complex situations, whether business or technical, and devise practical solutions.

      Clem is one of the Saltbush team that has made the brave choice to live well out of town and run the gauntlet of the wildlife on a daily commute to the big smoke.  Country living has its attractions, but also ask him about the snakes and being bogged.


        Greg Breen

        Team Leader, Training

        Greg is the Team Leader for Saltbush Training and a senior security consultant for the company. Greg's background in telecommunications and computer engineering provided the basis for his early involvement in Internet security and he was responsible for many of the Government and large corporate gateways that were installed throughout Australia in the 1990s and 2000s.

        Greg was the first CISSP in Australia in 1998 and became a CPP in 1999. Greg helped develop the first nationally recognised qualification for ICT Security Management and he continues to develop, present and assess people in a wide range of security disciplines.  A qualified Consultant in both ICT and Physical security, Greg is also a SCEC Endorsed Consultant under the ASIO T4 accreditation scheme.

        Greg is another out-of-towner and just to underscore the point, he bought a Jeep; yes, Greg bought a Jeep. Greg is also a very enthusiastic supporter for the 65 Roses, cystic fibrosis charity and is persuasive in his attempts to encourage others to be similarly inspired.  Luckily, the charity also gives him an excuse to pursue his passion for cars – the choice of Car 54 as the moniker for his motorised steed is a bit of give away for his ... let's say, seniority in the Group.


          Robert “Bull” Winkel

          Manager, Queensland Office

          Robert is the Manager for Saltbush Queensland.  Robert has studied a Double Bachelors Degree in Computer Science / Communications and Electronic Engineering, and two Masters Degrees in Science, majoring in Information Technology and Electrical Engineering.

          Robert worked in Defence for 13 years, giving him a solid background and wide ranging experience in technical security research, development and analysis.

          Robert left Defence to focus on ICT Security and subsequently accepted a management position with Saltbush Assurance. Technical security assurance is an area of particular interest to Robert, underpinned in no small measure by his extensive experience in Digital Forensics, Reverse Engineering, Penetration Testing and Social Engineering.

          For his sins, Robert was appointed the Branch Manager for our Brisbane office – though he doesn’t much complain about it.  Amongst other things, Robert is well known within Saltbush for his interest in security gadgets of all kinds.  He has a special attraction for lock picking and handcuffs … we don’t ask too much about the latter – a man’s home is his castle.


            Ben McNiven

            Team Leader, Business Capability and Development

            Ben is the Team Leader for Business Capability and Development.  Ben has a Bachelor in Microelectronic Engineering, an MBA and a string of other professional qualifications including for Project Management and Training and Assessment.

            Ben is experienced in managing and delivering services, with over five years experience leading technical and analytic teams in a range of environments. Ben has communication and liaison skills of a high order and was selected to represent Defence interests in international forums on several occasions. He has also established excellent productive relationships within various domestic government departments and with industry.

            In addition to his Saltbush responsibilities, where he has increasingly been involved in highly classified environments, Ben manages a portfolio of other interests - one wonders where he gets the time.

            Ben is one of the many in the Saltbush cycle fraternity (motorised and otherwise) and is reputed to frequent a certain wine-bar, where he receives favoured treatment (as a co-owner might possibly expect).


              George Stewart

              Team Leader, Assurance

              George is the Team Leader for our Assurance business unit, where he manages many of our security penetration / assurance testing engagements.

              George is a Crest Registered Tester (CRT) and has a degree in Software Engineering with Honours from the Australian National University.  George is also experienced in audit being a registered PCI-DSS QSA and having previously held an IRAP assessor certification, has completed assessments or provided advice for a variety of government and national organisations, Internet service providers and payment gateways.

              During his studies at ANU, George topped his class in the Network Security course.  His experience in the analysis and design of network protocols, firewall bypass techniques and a broad range of Linux, Unix and Windows Infrastructure experience, gives him a unique perspective when undertaking vulnerability assessments and penetration tests.

              If there’s a stereotype for penetration testers, George might just tick a few of those boxes. He is passionate about the work, enjoys “breaking” things, contributes back to the penetration testing community and is running out of wall space for his qualifications. Some claim George (occasionally) parties as hard as he works – hard to believe, but we’re sure it's all in the interests of fitting the mould.