DXC Saltbush – who we are and what we do

With more than sixty professionals, DXC Saltbush, a part of DXC Technology, delivers ICT services to a diverse group of clients across a wide range of industries. We have the highly skilled and specialist consulting staff to make your ICT problems things of the past.

Saltbush delivers ICT services through business units that focus on particular ICT pain points:

  • Cyber security and security compliance are the main focus of our consulting service, which can also call on project managers, technical writers, analysts and practitioners from across Saltbush to help our clients turn remediation plans into successful implementation;
  • Saltbush Training delivers online and face-to-face security training – with a growing number of those courses offering nationally recognised qualifications;
  • ICT Managed Services and Security Architecture are the primary services delivered by our Solutions team;
  • Saltbush Development provides software and hardware applications development services; and
  • We provide general and security related testing services, including penetration testing and code reviews, through our Assurance arm.

Our business units operate seamlessly in delivering coordinated services to our clients.

We run a very flat organisational structure – each of our consultants has direct access to management for guidance, for support or for escalation – there are no roadblocks and no filters. Our use of experienced engagement managers, our internal business systems and our ISO 9001 certification collectively help us to deliver successful outcomes.

But more than that, we ensure that for every engagement we have a senior lead with the authority and responsibility to make binding commitments to our clients on behalf of Saltbush. We find this is one of the distinguishing features of our business model.